Insane Black Disciples

Insane Black Disciples is a faction of the Black Disciples gang. They’re basically Black Disciples sets who don’t follow the traditional Black Disciples rules and forego the alliances of the Black Disciples gang, and claim “EBK(Every Body Killer)”.” One famous rapper know as Lil Jay, claim he’s an insane Black Disciples member and is currently in an Insane Gangster Disciples gang which is currently at war with various Black Disciples gangs in Chicago, in Lil Jay’s music videos, he’s often seen ‘Cracking Treys’ and saying BDK(Black Disciples Killer). Lil Jay sometimes call himself an Insane Black Disciples member, which can be confusing since people often see him disrespecting the Black Disciples gang, but that what’s it means to be insane, you have no alliance to the gang other than the set you belong to.

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