Hocus 45th

Hocus 45th (born Hassan Harris) is a rapper and a member of the King of Castle Organization criminal gang from Bronx, NY. Hocus 45th was charged in connection with a shooting incident on Aug. 29, 2007, that left four people wounded. Authorities allege that Hocus’ older brother, Khalil “Dolla” Harris, was the ringleader of the gang. The King of Castle Organization also had members from the Sex, Money, Murder gang, a set of the Bloods which Hocus was a member.

In 2018, Hocus, along with numerous members of the King of Castle Organization were arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including attempted murder, conspiracy to sell narcotics and commit murder, and robberies among others in connection with the gang’s million-dollar-a-year drug operation. Hocus ended up beating his case after spending 4 years in jail awaiting trial.

Hocus 45th and Prince J

YBN Almighty Jay, an artist under Prince J’s label, was jumped and robbed of his chain by Zae Numbafive and his crew in NY. Prince J would later take a picture while holding the chain and standing next to French Montana and Hocus among others, which led many to believe Hocus played a part in retrieving the chain for Prince J’s artist.

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