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The official mixtape from HipWiki, it's a mixtape containing various artist whom we've selected to add in our mixtape. If you wish to include your song in our next mixtape(Volume 2) release, please Clicke Here to submit your song, if good enough, we'll add it ;). Listen and Enjoy!
HipWiki Mixtape Cover
HipWiki Mixtape Cover

Track ListingTitleArtist
1This Is Our MusicHipwiki & Naetica
2Shouldn't Have Tease MeHipwiki & Ms. Muthaphukkin Vybe
3A Tribute to MakkrossHipwiki & BOCrew
4Future/The DayHipwiki & BOCrew
5Hoody SweaterHipwiki & BOCrew Ft. Boddyker
6Hoody SweaterHipwiki & BOCrew Ft. Miele
7Be CoolHipwiki & J. Lang
8What I Gotta DoHipwiki & J. Lang
9EracismHipwiki & Donnie Ozone
10VodkaVilleHipwiki & MyKleanAnthony
11The Streets OdysseyHipwiki & OnlyMeith
12Vodkaville(remix)Hipwiki & Toht
13Perpetual MotionHipwiki & Jeris

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