Gone In A Minute (Chicago Youtube Show)

Gone In A Minute is a television show center around Chicago hip hop artist Fatus Fee. The show comes on channel 25 (SCTN) on Mondays at 9 pm. This show is about Fatus trying to leave the street life so he can spend more time with his family and spend more time on his music. Top celebrities like Spike Lee,Raven Symone,Derek Rose and several hip hop artist like Vic Spencer,Prince Eazy,Mark Hood and more.The show premiered on September 1, 2015 and will conclude on November 9, 2015.The show has a soundtrack with all Chicago artist songs that was on show like Young Pappy,Famous Dex,Casso and more , the albumis for sale on Google Play,Amazon , iTunes and more.

Gone In A Minute (Youtube Trailer)

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  • https://goneinaminute.vhx.tv/buy/gone-in-a-minute

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