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Fat Trel whose real name is “Martrel Reeves” was born in D.C. on June 26, 1990. At the young age of seven, while his peers were discussing their dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers, he was professing his dreams of one day becoming a rap artist. Skeptical on the possibilities of using his education to support his family, he dropped out of high school at the young age of 15 to follow his rap dreams, a path he’s still dedicated to till this day.

Fat Trel is often praised by critics for being a great storyteller in his songs, which has helped him grace an audience spanning from his hometown of DC to LA. His flow is seen as uncut and raw, and is often compared to the harsh streets of DC. One thing that stands out with him is that his songs often detail his life in DC, and he’s not just pretending to be from the streets for the glamour it adds to his rapping career.

In 2010, after catching the attention of rapper wale, Fat Trel was quickly signed to Wale’s Board of Administration record label. While at Board of Administration, he dropped his first solo mixtape titled ‘No Secrets’, which was well received by fans and critics. In 2011, he received some recognition for his hard work by being presented with the ‘Breakout Artist of the Year’ award from the DMV. His relation with Wale’s Board of Administration label would prove to be a short one; he was soon released from the label after releasing his ‘No Secrets’ mixtape.

Shy Glizzy Beef

In 2012, a beef was brought to light between rappers Shy Glizzy and Fat Trel. There’s no indication as to what started the beef, and both rappers have been quiet on its origin. Shy Glizzy’s manager Benny T told Arts Desk in June that the beef was only between the two of them. The beef between Fat Trel and Shy Glizzy would end up creating a new beef between Glizzy and Chief Keef, due to Chief Keef’s collaboration with Trel in the song “Russian Roulette”. The beef between Trel and Glizzy was soon squashed with the help of Wale, however the beef status between Chief Keef and Shy Glizzy is unknown.


In September 2013, while Fat Trel was at a party for his mixtape release at Club SOB’s in New York, gunmen opened fire inside the club which resulted with four individuals being shot. The police claim that the shooting seemed to have been between rival gang members, one from New York and the other from New Jersey.

Signing with MMG/Roc Nation

In July 2013, it was revealed that Trel signed a recording deal with MMG/Roc Nation, the deal didn’t surprise most individuals whom have been following his career, because Fat Trel has admitted to having a very close relationship with Wale, whom is a fellow rapper from DC, and is also signed to MMG records.

Mixtapes and Songs

Fat Trel has released numerous mixtapes which includes “Nightmare on E Street”, “SDMG”, “No Secrets”, “Loui V Mobbin” as well as countless other mixtapes. Some of his most popular songs are “F*ukk Deez B*itches”, “F*k Yo Life”, “Respect with the Teck”, “Russian Roulette” as well as numerous other songs.

Fat Trel - Hard in the Paint Remix video

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