FBG Duck

FBG Duck is a member of the rap group known as “Fly Boy Gang”, which is often abbreviated as ‘FBG’.. FBG members add numbers after their names, FBG Duck is FBG#3, and Lil Jay is FBG#00. The majority of Fly Boy Gang members are part of the Gangster Disciples gang from the faction that used to be known as the St Lawrence Boys, which now goes by the name of Tooka gang.

FBG Duck has released a couple of mixtapes, two of them can be downloaded for free from the Datpiff website. The two mixtapes that are on Datpiff are “FBG Sh*t” and “FBG Sh*t 2”. Some of FBG’s most popular songs include “Face”, “Do it Like Me”, “Look at Me”, and “Feeling Myself” among others.

FBG Duck has been beefing with numerous other rap artists including those in Glory Boyz Entetainment(GBE). Chief Keef, the leader of GBE has numerous times in the past dissed Tooka gang in his songs, as retaliation, FBG Duck and other Fly Boy Gang members have made their own songs dissing Chief Keef and his gang the Black Disciples.

FBG Duck also has an ongoing feud with Edai, a fellow rap musician from Chicago. FBG Duck did a song with Lil Jay titled “Who the F*ck is Dude” which was a dissed aimed at Edai. Edai apparently tweeted about FBG Duck getting stabbed, and Duck didn’t find the tweet too amusing and has threatened to harm Edai if he catches him in the street. Many people are reporting that FBG Duck was stabbed by his girlfriend. In the video for “Who the F*ck is Dude” FBG Duck shows his stabbing wound, which runs down his whole stomach. Fbg duck is 6'4 250lbs

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