Elkinz was moved straight out of northern California to Atlanta Georgia in 2010 and began his career in 2012. He's currently under his own independent label, Gwinnett Mafia. He began shooting music videos in 2013 and started shooting his own videos when he was 13. In 2012, while trying to find his sound, Elkinz recorded over 75 songs in a mediocre booth he and a friend had made inside a bedroom closet. From then on he went to making 3 mixtapes and an EP (which he did not release because he thought the quality was sub-par). In 2014, he began releasing various songs throughout the year and then took a break. Now, in 2015, hes back with new flow, voice and passion for the art of rap. He's currently working on an independent album called, "Explain"


Joe Blow, Philthy Rich, Freeze, Curren$y, Berner

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Youtube: http://youtube.com/elkinztherapper
Twitter: @elkinztherapper
Instagram: @elkinz707

Elkinz - Damn (Prod. BenedictApollo) *OFFICIAL VIDEO*

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