Dropping Rakes

Dropping Rakes (Dipping Rakes, Slamming Rakes) is a diss aimed at the Gangster Disciples (GDs) gang. One of the symbols of the Gangster Disciples is the Pitchfork (Rakes); they also have a hand sign to represent the rakes. As a sign of disrespect, enemies of the GDs copy the Rake hand sign, but instead of throwing it up, they throw it down, which is referred to as "Dropping Rakes" or "Throwing Down Rakes" among other names.

The Gangster Disciples gang was formed in Chicago, Illinois, so it's very common to see rappers, especially Drill Rappers that are affiliated with the GDs to be throwing up rakes. While GD rappers are throwing up rakes, their enemies, whom are part of the GDK movement can be seen throwing them down. The Gangster Disciples gang is a nation wide gang so it's fairly common to see gangs from other states dropping the rakes, for example, in Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Nigga" video, some members of the Gangster Stone Crips can be seen dropping the rakes because they are at war with some nearby GD clicks.

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