Coke Boys

Coke Boys (Cocaine City Records) is a record label founded by Hip Hop artist French Montana. Coke Boys has released numerous mixtapes which includes all of their members titled Coke Boys.

Coke Boys Members

  • Chinx Drugz
  • Charlie Rock
  • Cheeze
  • Flip
  • Lil Durk
  • Lil Poopy (Ex-Member)

Lil Poopy Controversy

Lil Poopy, a 9 year-old kid rapper, allegedly used to be a member of the Coke Boys. Lil Poopy had a couple of explicit rap videos posted on youtube, as well as a video of him hanging out with French Montana and strippers in a hotel room. Those videos soon got the attention of the Massachusetts Department of Children of Families and Lil Poopy's biological father became under investigation for child neglect. As soon as the news broke out, French Montana said during an interview that Lil Poopy was not a member of his record label, and that he only knows Lil Poopy because he’s friend with his family.

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