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Chella H
Chella H
Chella H is a female rapper from Chicago. She was raised on Grand Boulevard in the area known as ‘The Low End. She started singing while her mother was battling drug addiction as a mean to escape her problems. Chella H is one of the few female artists coming out of Chicago from the drill music scene, she has also collaborated with other female artists such as ‘Katie Got Bandz’ and ‘Sasha Go Hard’, both up and coming femal rap artists. Chella H also goes by the name ‘Jenny LowEnd’ and ‘Chicago’s First Lady’.

Music Career

Chella H music’s career began in the group called “The Fam”, which is now defunct due to the leader of the group was sent to prison. Chella H would take a short break from music after losing both, her brother and her baby’s father within 2 weeks. Though no longer singing, she couldn’t deny her love for music; she soon came out of retirement and started singing again. She met with underground artist Bump J. whom is the founder of “Goon Squad”. While with Goon Squad, they decided to hand her the title of “Chicago’s First Lady” which she commonly refers to herself as. She soon formed an all-female group called “Get it Girlz, Inc.” which is currently known as “RBA” or “Mermaid Mafia”. With RBA’s help, she released her first mixtape titled “Menstrual Pains” which sold over 11,000 units.

Chella H would once again take some time off from music following the arrest of Bump J, she believed it was a good time for her to focus on her son, and straighten out her life. Chella soon came back to the music scene and released numerous new projects and has watched her popularity skyrocket. Chella H once said in an interview that her main goal is “To get enough money legally by maximizing my brand from what I love doing. Making sure my family’s comfortable and putting those that come from the bottom like me, in positions to get on from this as well”

Personal Life

Gucci Mane went down to Chicago in May, 2013 to sign rapper Chief Keef to his label known as ‘1017 Brick Squad’, while in Chicago rumored started spreading that he might be dating Chella H, and might have also signed her to his record company. The rumors only intensified after pictures of the two started surfing online, especially one where they are hugging each other, and Gucci’s hand can be seen on Chella’s derriere.

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