Brewski (Rapper)

Brewski was born Rob O’Brien and is a rapper from Chicago whom describes himself as the white Chief Keef. Though Brewski’s lyrics differ from Chief Keef’s violent lyrics, the beats he raps on are very similar to Chief Keef’s drill rap beats, and many of them are produced by current and former Chief Keef producers such as Young Chop and A Zae.

Though Brewski is fairly new on the rap scene, he’s been trending on the net mostly for being described as the ‘White Chief Keef’ by his promoter. He has numerous videos on youtube which have compiled over 1 million views, all with very good ratings from viewers. Most of his song contents are about partying and having a good time. Some of Brewski’s best songs include Cocky, Talkin To The Money, and Chauffeur among others.

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