Big Law (Black Disciples)

Big Law (born Lawrence Loggins), 46, was a leader of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago, IL. Big Law was arrested in 1989 and sent to prison for the murder of Gregory Freeman, a relative of the Black Disciples leader Jerome “Shorty” Freeman. Big Law was released from prison in 2009 and kept a low profile before he was murdered in 2019.

Big Law Death

Big Law was shot and killed on February 6, 2019. No suspects were taken into custody by authorities, and due to Big Law’s rank in the Black Disciples gang, authorities feared there would be heavy retaliation.

A theory from Law Enforcement is that before Big Law’s death, he was trying to consolidate power within the Black Disciples gang, which did not go well with the members and led to his death. Another theory on Big Law’s death is that he was killed by elder Black Disciples gang member, who still held a grudge from Big Law’s murder of Gregory Freeman.

Lil Don Death

Authorities believe Lil Don, rapper and Gangster Disciples gang member, was shot and killed by the Black Disciples as a retaliation for Lil Don dissing Big Law’s death.

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