Benji Glo

Benji Glo is a blind rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Benji Glo is a member of the Black Disciples gang from 300. He's signed to Glo Gang, a label owned by fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Some Of Benji Glo's most popular songs include "No Sight No Fear Intro," "It Ain't Nuthin" featuring Manemane4cg, and "Imagine That" among others.

Benji Glo Blind

Benji Glo details how he went blind in his song "No Sight No Fear Intro." According to Benji, he was shot multiple times in 2009, and when he awoke from the hospital, he was blind. He also talked about how some of the people who claimed to be his friend abandoned him after the accident.

Benji Glo - No Sight No Fear Intro (Music Video)

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